Simply Choices Giveaway

simply-giveaway-banner Simply Choice Giveaway


We’ve teamed up with Simply Choices to give you a 15% discount when you order online by April 15 using the promo code OurFreshKitchen15!

We’ll also be giving one of our fans a Simply Choices gift basket worth $75!

We chose Simply Choices because their snacks contain real ingredients, 15-16g of soy or whey protein per serving and only 2-3g of sugar and fat – compare that to most protein bars and you’ll see why we like them! Our favorites are the Raspberry Coconut Crunch and the BBQ Chips.

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Kim is a triathlete training to qualify for the Ironman World Championships, and spends most of her free time baking, eating Hector’s food or training in the most challenging conditions she can find – usually up hills or on the hottest days of the year. But she insists that Hector’s the crazy one!



Hector is an Ironman triathlete, photographer and web designer who loves creating healthy meals and sharing his fitness and culinary adventures on social media. He’s also a bit of a cookie monster, and has a tendency to help Kim’s baking disappear (for quality assurance purposes, of course!).